Stop Nail Biting - Theta

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Do you bite your nails?

Are you excessively nervous and anxious all the time?

When you're in situations where you feel you have no control do you bite your nails to curb your anxiety?

Are you ashamed of the way your hands look but don't put on fake nails because then you wouldn't be able to bite them?

Do you pick at your skin and cuticles even when you know you should stop?

Maybe you feel better when you are biting your nails and you just can't stop the habit.

You've been biting your nails since you were little and you've tried many times to stop but you can't.

When you were younger, your mom put some stuff on your nails that made them taste really bad but you still didn't stop.

You wish you could have beautiful, strong nails like your friends.

Maybe you bite your nails when you're bored and just don't want to listen.

Once in awhile your business associates will look at you with disgust but you still don't stop.

You can make a conscious effort to stop biting your nails.

You can also use the power of your subconscious mind to stop this habit.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and stop your nail biting now and in the future.

Script Used In This Audio

I can stop nail biting.
I stay away from nail biting.
My nails are in perfect shape.
My nails are in perfect health.
My nails look great and sexy.
I am free from nail biting.
My nail biting becomes less and less.
I love my hands.
I love my fingers and nails.
I care about my fingernails.
My nails are always clean and healthy.
I have healthy, long fingernails.
I am calm under pressure and tension.
I control my impulses.
I am in complete control of my mind and body.
I am tension free.
I am happy with my nails.
I like my nails.
I always wash my nails.
I take care of my nails.

Stop Nail Biting - Theta