Stop Excessive Sweating - Theta

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When you're nervous do your hands sweat excessively?

When you get in social situations where you're feeling very uncomfortable does your body sweat and sweat from anxiety?

Do you try to control your anxiety but then find that your armpits are soaked from sweat?

Perhaps you feel trapped in certain situations and it makes you very tense.

Once the sweating starts it gets worse and worse and you can't calm it down.

You've gone to the doctor but he says that there's no physical reason for your excessive sweating.

Sometimes you avoid dating because if your date starts to ask you questions you get nervous and start to sweat profusely.

Job interviews are the worst.

Even when the interviewer makes you feel comfortable you start sweating.

Once you start, you can't calm it down. You can make a conscious effort to stop sweating.

You can also use your subconscious mind to help you.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and stop your excessive sweating once and for all.

Script Used In This Audio

I can stop excessive sweating.
I am aware of stopping excessive sweating.
I am free of excessive sweating.
I'm comfortable and cool.
My whole body is always relaxed.
My sweat glands are relaxed at all times.
I am aware of my sweat glands.
My sweat glands function normally.
I control my sweating.
I am always away from pressure and tension.
I stay calm in surprising situations.
I perspire at a normal rate.
I sweat like any normal person.
I am always calm and balanced.
The organs in my body function perfectly.
My thoughts are clear and calm.
My mind dominates my senses.
My senses are perfect and normal.
I am away from excessive sweating.
Excessive sweating is away from me.

Stop Excessive Sweating - Theta