Overcome Tinnitus - Theta

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Do you have a constant ringing sound in your ears?

Do you feel off balance and nauseous?

Do you feel like you have vertigo if you get up out of a chair too fast or turn your head too rapidly?

Maybe you've noticed that when you're under stress your tinnitus gets worse.

If you're exposed to loud noises, even for a few minutes, you get a roaring sound in your ears and then it won't go away.

Even though you take blood pressure medicine, when you get upset the blood rises into your neck and makes your tinnitus worse.

As soon as it starts in one ear and you feel it coming on, you can't stop it.

Sometimes you're so dizzy that even if you lie down it doesn't go away.

If you have to travel somewhere with winding roads, you get motion sickness and then your tinnitus starts.

You can make a conscious effort to make yourself calm and stop your tinnitus from getting worse.

You can also use the power of your subconscious mind.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and ovecome your tinnitus.

Script Used In This Audio

I can end tinnitus.
My ears are free of tinnitus.
My ears are healthy.
My whole body is in harmony.
I am free from tinnitus.
My tinnitus is becoming less and less irritating.
My tinnitus is reducing every day.
The ringing in my ears is less every day.
I am overcoming my tinnitus naturally.
Every day my tinnitus becomes less and less.
I am away from any tinnitus symptoms.
I enjoy ending my tinnitus.
I am energetic and happy.
I am stress free.
My organs are balanced.
My organs are in harmony.
I have strong hearing.
I act to end my tinnitus.
My ears function perfectly.
My ears are in excellent condition.

Overcome Tinnitus - Theta