Overcome Shyness - Theta

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Do you feel painfully shy around other people?

When you were younger were you always shy?

Do you feel tense or nervous around other people?

Maybe you avoid get-togethers because you feel so uncomfortable around other people.

Do you blush when someone talks to you or pays you a compliment?

Maybe your heart races when you get in situations where you're forced to be around other people and be social.

Do you get an upset stomach if you're forced into a situation where you have to interact with other people?

Would you prefer to stay inside your home or office and not have to talk with anyone else?

Maybe when you were growing up your parents made you feel ashamed of everything you did.

You got to the point that you didn't want to interact with anyone at all.

You wish you could be different, but you've always been this way and you're not sure you can change it.

You can get help from a therapist and make a conscious effort to overcome your shyness.

You can also tap your powerful subconscious mind to help you.

Purchase this audio today and overcome your shyness now and forever so you can have a richer, more fulfilling life

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome shyness.
Everyone assists me to overcome shyness.
I meet people who help me to overcome shyness.
I act to overcome shyness.
I overcome shyness.
I overcome shyness forever.
Every day I overcome shyness.
My thoughts overcome shyness.
My emotions support me to overcome shyness.
My mind overcomes shyness.
My mind overcomes shyness forever.
I overcome shyness at all times.
I overcome shyness while helping people.
I overcome shyness at work.
I overcome shyness at home.
I overcome shyness in business.
I overcome shyness successfully.
I enjoy overcoming shyness.
Every day I overcome shyness easily.
Every day I overcome shyness happily.

Overcome Shyness - Theta