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Every time you make a decision do you regret the path you didn't take?

When you look back at your life do you have a lot of regrets about the things you did and the things you didn't do?

Do you wish you could start your life over again?

Maybe you wish you hadn't moved across the country.

Perhaps you wish you had never gotten married or had kids.

Are you so unhappy that you don't remember a decision or a time in your life when you weren't surrounded by regrets?

Maybe you lost the love of your life to another and were never the same again.

You feel that it was something you did that made your love leave you.

Perhaps you said or did something that caused a permanent wound in one of your relationships and you don't know how to repair the damage that was done.

You can't find a way to put it in the past because you blame yourself.

It's rare for an individual not to have some regrets about the way his or her life is turning out, but if you look at your life as an ocean of regrets then something is wrong.

You can make a conscious effort to send positive messages to yourself and think about the good things in your life.

You can also enlist your powerful subconscious mind to help you.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and overcome regrets forever.

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome regrets.
Everyone assists me in overcoming regrets.
I meet people who help me to overcome regrets.
I act to overcome regrets.
I overcome regrets.
I overcome regrets forever.
Every day I overcome regrets.
I become sociable to overcome regrets.
I talk about my regrets to overcome them.
My mind overcomes regrets.
My mind overcomes regrets forever.
I overcome regrets at all times.
I overcome regrets related to family issues.
I overcome regrets related to work.
I overcome regrets related to business.
I overcome regrets of all kinds.
I overcome regrets successfully.
I enjoy overcoming regrets.
Every day I overcome regrets easily.
I am free of regrets.

Overcome Regrets - Theta