Overcome Paranoia - Binaural

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Are you suspicious of everyone?

When you come into a room do you always feel that people were talking about you right before you walked in?

Do you feel like your co-workers and associates are always out to sabotage you?

Are you afraid to confide in anyone because you don't really trust other people?

Maybe you never take what people say at face value.

You know that there's some hidden meaning to everything they say.

Do you feel that if you tell someone something in confidence that they'll turn around and use it against you?

Do you always feel that your partner is cheating on you even though you've never found any evidence?

Are you combative in your discussions with other people? Do you question everyone's motives?

Maybe when you were younger a trusted friend betrayed you and you never felt the same about people again.

No matter what caused your paranoia and is continuing to cause it you can overcome it.

Purchase this binaural subliminal audio today and overcome your paranoia now and forever.

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome paranoia.
I can handle any situation that makes me feel paranoid.
I am always relaxed.
I am always in control of my actions.
My mind is calm and relaxed.
My thoughts are in perfect balance.
I can cure my paranoia.
I am free from paranoia.
I enjoy overcoming my paranoia.
I am in full control of my paranoia everyday.
I am overcoming my paranoia.
I am outgoing.
I am free from anxiety at all times.
I feel safe.
People are genuine and nice.
People are friendly.
People help me.
I am always secure within myself.
My paranoia is gone.
I am always happy.

Overcome Paranoia - Binaural