Overcome Jealousy - Delta

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Do you get upset every time someone talks to your spouse?

Do you lose it every time someone talks to your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Do you feel totally insecure in your relationship no matter how many times your partner tells you that they love you?

Are you jealous of someone at work who is always the star?

Maybe when someone in your circle has good fortune you always feel that you're overlooked.

You're jealous of their success instead of feeling happy about all the good things you have in your life.

Maybe you're jealous of someone who's in a relationship with someone you love and wish you were involved with.

Do you feel down when others are given compliments and you're not?

Are you jealous of that brand new car your neighbor can afford but you can't?

No matter what is making you feel jealous you can overcome it with conscious effort.

If you enlist your subconcious mind to help you, you can overcome your jealousy even faster.

Purchase this Delta subliminal audio today and overcome your jealousy forever.

Script Used In This Audio

I am free of jealousy.
I am satisfied with my life.
I am happy with my family.
I am happy with my partner.
I like others.
I am secure in my relationship.
I feel safe and secure with my partner.
I trust my partner.
I am overcoming my jealousy.
I am always open and honest with my partner.
My relationship is built on trust and honesty.
I always tell the truth to my partner.
My partner loves me.
My partner is honest with me.
I always believe my partner.
I enjoy a healthy relationship.
My partner and I always discuss our feelings.
I like meeting new people.
I respect myself and others.
I respect other people's possessions and feelings.

Overcome Jealousy - Delta