Overcome Hay Fever - Alpha

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Do you have an allergic reaction to pollen in the spring and summer?

Do you sneeze frequently and do your eyes run all day?

Do you have sinus pain or pressure when there are allergens in the air?

Do people think you constantly have a cold and it's embarrassing to you because you suffer from hay fever?

Are your eyes always red and itchy?

Maybe you don't remember a springtime when you could really breathe fresh air and enjoy the flowers.

You actually try to avoid flowers.

Even when someone has a bouquet in the office your nose gets irritated and your eyes start to run.

Do you take medicine for your hay fever but it doesn't seem to go away?

Have you tried all sorts of different treatments but nothing seems to work?

Have you found that the only way you can control your hay fever is by staying indoors and running an air purifying machine day and night?

You can use medicine for hay fever and you can make a conscious effort to avoid situations that you know will make it worse.

You can also use your powerful subconscious mind to help you.

Purchase this Alpha subliminal audio today and overcome your hay fever this season.

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome hay fever.
I act to overcome hay fever.
I am free from hay fever.
I am free from hay fever forever.
I am able to overcome any hay fever.
My body resists hay fever.
Every day my body protects me from hay fever.
It is easy not be affected by hay fever.
I am able to go outside in the summer.
Hay fever is affecting me less and less.
I enjoy hay fever treatment.
Every day I enjoy hay fever treatment.
Hay fever is away from my life.
My cells do not produce excess histamine.
My mind treats my hay fever.
My eyes and whole body are strong.
My stomach is strong and healthy.
I enjoy summer.
I am waiting for summer.
I am happy.

Overcome Hay Fever - Alpha