Overcome Fear of Water

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Are you afraid to go into the water?

Does the idea of being underwater terrify you?

Do you refuse to go swimming because you're terrified of the water?

Are you afraid of drowning?

Do you scream if someone sprays you with water?

Does the idea of someone dunking your head under the water make you feel sick?

Was someone in your family afraid of the water so you developed the fear from them?

Maybe you had a bad experience with water when you were a child.

Maybe someone threw you into a pool and you got disoriented and were gasping for breath.

Perhaps someone who was close to you drowned or you saw the movie Jaws when you were younger and it terrified you.

You can work on overcoming your fear of water by using desensitization techniques.

You can also enlist your powerful subconscious mind to help you overcome this fear.

Purchase this subliminal audio today and overcome your fear of water.

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome my fear of water.
I am free from my fear of water.
My thoughts are calm about water.
I enjoy playing in the water.
I enjoy swimming.
I feel comfortable in open water.
I feel safe while swimming above the water.
I feel safe in large bodies of water.
I can cure my fear of water.
I like to play water games.
I am in full control of my fear of water.
I am calm around open water.
I stay calm at the thought of swimming.
I am calm when I encounter large areas of water.
I am free from my fear of water.
My thoughts support me as I overcome fear of water.
I am happy being in water.
I am free to enjoy swimming and water without fear.
I feel relaxed in water.
Water is a source of healing.

Overcome Fear of Water