Overcome Fear of Needles - Alpha

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Are you afraid of needles?

Do you have trouble every time you have to go for a blood test and they need to draw your blood?

Do you get nauseous if you see a scene on TV where a nurse is giving someone a shot?

Are you so afraid of needles that you refuse to get the appropriate medical care?

Maybe someone you grew up with was afraid of needles so you developed this phobia too.

If you're afraid of needles, you're not alone.

About 10% of all people are deathly afraid of needles.

They sometimes faint if they see a large needle.

They won't go to the dentist's or doctor's office since they fear needles so much.

No one likes getting shots or getting their blood drawn but if you're afraid of needles sometimes you fear them worse than death.

You can make a conscious effort to desensitize yourself so you're not afraid of needles.

You can also enlist your powerful subconscious mind to eliminate this fear.

Purchase this Alpha subliminal audio today and overcome your fear of needles.

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome fear of needles.
I am free from fear of needles.
I am free from fear of needles always.
I am free from my fear of injections.
I am calm when injected by needles.
My mind is calm when injected with needles.
My thoughts are relaxed when thinking about needles.
I am calm around needles and injections.
I can cure my fear of needles.
I will cure my fear of injections.
I will overcome my fear of needles.
I am in full control of my fear of injections.
I stay calm at the thought of having an injection.
I accept having an injection when needed.
I have any injections that I need.
Injections are for my own health.
Injections are a must to be healthy.
Injections benefit me.
I stay in control when seeing a needle.
I am in control of my thoughts.

Overcome Fear of Needles - Alpha