Overcome Commitment Phobia

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Are you afraid of commitment?

Have you had close relationships but did something to sabotage them because you didn't want to get married?

Is there some reason that you fear marriage?

Perhaps you grew up in a home where your mother and father had a difficult and unhappy relationship.

Maybe you've never been close to anyone who had a truly happy marriage that you could use as a role model. You're in a relationship now and it's virtually perfect.

You know your lover is going to leave if you don't make a commitment to him or her.

Maybe you're not in a relationship at the moment but your last one broke up because you couldn't make a commitment.

You don't want to go through your life with a series of relationships that lead nowhere. You want to have a home and children.

You want to have a loving relationship with the one woman or man you know you could love for a lifetime.

You can overcome your fear of commitment.

You can start by working with a counselor to get at the root of why you have this fear. You can also tap into the power of your subconscious mind to help you.

Purchase this subliminal audio today and train your subconscious mind to help you overcome your fear of commitment.

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome commitment phobia.
I am aware of overcoming commitment phobia.
Everyone assists me in overcoming commitment phobia.
I am happy to overcome commitment phobia.
I fear commitment less than before.
I am less exposed to commitment phobia.
I am committed to my relationship.
I am committed to my partner.
I am open with my partner.
I am secure in my relationship.
I feel safe and secure with my partner.
I trust my partner.
My relationship is built on trust and honesty.
I want to stay with my partner.
I am looking forward to the future with my partner.
I want a long lasting relationship.
I want to build our relationship.
I enjoy being with my partner.
I wake up happy with my partner.
My mind is relaxed and calm.

Overcome Commitment Phobia