Overcome Cocaine Addiction - Theta

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Do you use cocaine?

Maybe it started out at a party or in a small group of friends.

You liked the high that you experienced on cocaine.

It made you feel powerful and alive.

It made you feel that you could conquer anything.

But the truth is that drugs lie to us.

They tell us things about ourselves that we want to hear so that we'll become addicted. You're addicted now.

You've managed to keep your addiction hidden.

No one at work knows. But the habit is getting more intense for you.

It's expensive too and as your need for the drug grows, you're spending more and more money.

You find yourself thinking about stealing to support your habit.

You want to stop using but you don't know how.

You can make a conscious effort to stop your cocaine habit.

You should seek help in the form of a counselor who's been through what you've been through and has been sober for years.

In addition to the conscious efforts you'll make, you should tap into your powerful subconscious mind to help you stop this addiction.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and train your subconscious mind to help you break this dangerous cycle of abuse.

You can do it. You know deep down that you can.

Script Used In This Audio

My body rejects cocaine.
My thoughts reject cocaine intake.
I stay away from cocaine.
I am free from cocaine and proud.
I can control my cocaine habit
I want to stop taking cocaine.
It is easy to stop using cocaine.
I respect my mind and body.
I treat my body well.
I want to look after myself.
I am free from temptation.
I am strong against cocaine temptation.
I will stay committed to stopping cocaine.
I am in full control of my mind and body.
I have a high level of willpower.
Every day I feel better.
I enjoy a healthy, natural lifestyle.
I am free from cocaine addiction.
I have stopped using cocaine.
I have a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Overcome Cocaine Addiction - Theta