Master Money Beliefs - Theta

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Do you have money beliefs that are holding you back from the wealth you deserve?

Maybe you were taught that money is the root of all evil and it's stuck in your mind since you were a child.

Maybe you believe that because you've never held a lucrative job or made money with your ideas or inventions that you're doomed to failure.

Perhaps you feel your family has always been impoverished so you'll live out your life just getting by instead of grabbing all that life has to offer.

You feel that you're just not intelligent enough or attractive enough to be truly successful with money.

Maybe every time you've had a little extra money something difficult or tragic has happened and the extra was soon ripped away.

No matter what your limiting beliefs about money are, you can change them.

You can change these beliefs with your conscious mind.

You can also change these beliefs with the power of your subconscious mind.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and train your subconscious mind to help you master how to make, keep, and invest money.

Script Used In This Audio

I can master money beliefs.
Everyone assists me in mastering money beliefs.
I meet people who help me to master money beliefs.
I am a friend to everyone who masters money beliefs.
I act to master money beliefs.
I master money beliefs.
I master money beliefs forever.
Every day I master money beliefs.
My thoughts master money beliefs.
My mind creates smart business ideas.
My mind masters money beliefs.
My mind masters money beliefs forever.
I like doing business.
I am good at mastering money beliefs.
I master money beliefs at work.
I master money beliefs at home.
I master money beliefs in business.
I master money beliefs successfully.
I enjoy gaining mastery of money beliefs.
Every day I master money beliefs easily.
I live as a master of money beliefs.

Master Money Beliefs - Theta