Master Good Parenting - Theta

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No one ever teaches you how to be a good parent.

A good parent is a combination of a teacher, a counselor, a disciplinarian, a chef, a housekeeper, a social coordinator, a nurse, and a playmate, not necessarily in that order.

A great parent listens carefully to his or her children and supports their ability to grow into strong, healthy adults.

Great parents model wonderful behavior so that their children can emulate them.

Great parents open the world to their children and encourage their interests and passions.

Maybe when you grew up you had a parent who was seriously flawed.

Maybe your dad was an alcoholic or your mom was manic depressive.

You've vowed to remain balanced and stable so that your kids can have a better home life than you did.

You can study parenting books and talk to other parents about parenting issues in order to improve your own parenting.

You can keep a journal of issues and how you solved them in your own family life so that you can repeat what works and eliminate what doesn't.

If you feel that you want to make a quantum leap in your parenting skills this audio is for you.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio and train your subconscious mind to help you master good parenting.

Script Used In This Audio

I want to master parenting.
I consider my children to be first in my life.
I love spending time with my kids.
My children see me as a good parent.
I know I am a good parent.
I can remain calm when disciplining my children.
I feel less stressed when spending time with my children.
My children respect me.
I am happy at home with my children and everywhere.
I enjoy having a daily routine.
I am patient with my children.
I am a good listener to my children.
I enjoy communicating with my children.
My communication skills make me an excellent parent.
I know that my parenting skills are good.
Others admire my amazing parenting skills.
I enjoy spending time with my children.
Being creative and adventurous with my children is fun.
I care about my parenting skills.
My children are my priority in life.

Master Good Parenting - Theta