Master Flirting With Men - Isochronic

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Do you long to flirt with men but are too shy to do so?

Maybe there's a guy in the office you really would like to get to know better but you're too afraid to try to flirt with him.

The guy behind the bagel counter is always flirting with you and hoping you flirt back but you just put your head down and act like you want to drop through the floor.

Every day you come into contact with men who might want to approach you but because you're shy or just not assertive enough you send a message that makes you look like you're not approachable.

When you go out with your girlfriends do they flirt with guys and get dates while you're sitting at a table by yourself sipping your cocktail.

Maybe you don't have the confidence to flirt.

Maybe you think you're not attractive enough.

Remember that Cleopatra was not considered to be a great beauty but she was a master at the art of seduction and had two powerful men fall in love with her.

You can consciously set out a list of goals for yourself to help yourself get more comfortable with flirting.

The other way you can feel more confident flirting is by training your subconscious mind to help you out.

Purchase this Isochronic subliminal audio today and transform yourself into a more confident woman who loves to flirt with men.

Script Used In This Audio

I am aware of my flirting skills.
I like to flirt at all times.
I love flirting with men.
I can give a man my full attention.
Men love it when I flirt with them.
I am confident enough to flirt with men.
I can say anything I want when flirting.
I can easily approach a man.
I find it easy to walk over to a man.
Flirting comes naturally to me.
I can compliment men easily.
Men like me to flatter them.
I find it easy and natural to flirt.
I can maintain good eye contact.
My communication skills are sky high.
Flirting gives me added confidence.
I love how powerful flirting makes me feel.
I feel calm and confident when flirting.
When I start to flirt my nerves disappear.
I am relaxed and confident when I flirt.

Master Flirting With Men - Isochronic