Master Determination - Theta

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Do you admire other people who have a lot of determination and ambition to succeed?

Do you feel that you give up too easily no matter what the task is?

Would you like to develop more persistence and tenacity?

Determination to succeed is a very important quality.

Sometimes when we set out a goal for ourselves, obstacles come into our path.

If we have ambition and determination we continue to plow forward no matter what the challenges are.

We have the end goals firmly fixed in our minds and nothing and no one is going to deter us from success.

Would you like to have this type of firm resolve once you make a decision about something you want to do?

Could you work for five years or ten years without seeing big-ticket success and still proceed?

Many times just when people are about to give up, they reach their greatest pinnacle of success.

You can set conscious goals for yourself to increase your ability to stick with things until they're completed or come to fruition.

You can also help yourself by unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and train your subconscious so that you're determined and strong despite adversity.

Script Used In This Audio

I can master determination.
Everyone assists me in mastering determination.
I meet people who help me master determination.
I act to master determination.
I master determination.
I master determination forever.
Every day I master determination.
My physical body masters determination.
My mind is fully determined to succeed.
My mind masters determination.
My mind masters determination forever.
I master determination in my social life.
I master determination in helping people.
I master determination at work.
I master determination at home.
I master determination and being successful.
I enjoy gaining a state of determination.
I enjoy mastering determination.
Every day I master determination.
I master determination forever.

Master Determination - Theta