Master Being Assertive - Theta

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Are you always the person other people shove out of a line or step in front of?

If you stand at the deli counter are you the last person to get served even though you were there before other people?

In a meeting at your office is your voice drowned out by people who speak louder or assert themselves to make sure they are heard?

You don't want to treat other people rudely like they treat you, but you would love it if you could find a way to make your presence known so that others would pay attention.

There's a woman in your office who's pleasant and treats people well but who isn't afraid to stand up for herself or her team when she needs to.

She's found a way to be assertive that doesn't grate on other people's nerves.

What about your manager at the office?

You're always surprised when you hear him speaking candidly to his own boss.

He doesn't seem to be afraid to tell the truth and assert his opinion whether or not it's asked for.

You can make a conscious effort at being more assertive.

You can also train your subconscious mind to help you become more assertive.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and transform yourself into a more assertive person and get what you want out of life.

Script Used In This Audio

I can master assertiveness.
Everyone assists me in mastering assertiveness.
I meet people who help me master assertiveness.
I act to master assertiveness.
I master assertiveness.
I master assertiveness forever.
Every day I master assertiveness.
My physical body assists me to master assertiveness.
My emotions aid me to master assertiveness.
My mind masters assertiveness.
My mind masters assertiveness forever.
My thoughts master assertiveness.
I master assertiveness at all times.
I master assertiveness at work.
I master assertiveness at home.
I master assertiveness in business.
I master assertiveness successfully.
I enjoy mastering assertiveness.
Every day I master assertiveness easily.
Every day I master assertiveness happily.

Master Being Assertive - Theta