Master Attracting Love - Theta

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You've been looking for a long time and haven't found the right match for a love relationship.

Maybe you date regularly but the people you're getting to know are not the right matches for a long term relationship.

Maybe it's not just a romantic relationship you're seeking.

Perhaps you want to attract the love of your child or develop a more loving relationship with your parents, siblings, or friends. In order to receive love you'll need to develop a loving attitude toward everyone you meet.

Having love for others means genuinely caring about what happens to them.

It means going out of your way to help a stranger in need.

In order to attract love you'll need to start caring for the needs of others.

Their wishes and desires should be just as important if not more important than your own.

If you love yourself and feel confident in the joy and talent you bring to the world, it's easier to attract the love of others.

If you are filled with self-hate and self-pity, you can't enlarge your world enough to bring in others.

If others know that you truly care about them, it's easier for them to open their hearts to you.

This subliminal audio can help you attract love by training your subconscious mind to attract the right people to come into your sphere.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and bring the love you want in your life to you.

Script Used In This Audio

I can attract love.
Everyone assists me in attracting love.
I meet people who help me to attract love.
I act to attract love.
I attract love happily.
I attract love forever.
Every day I attract love.
My physical body attracts love.
My emotions attract love.
My mind attracts love.
My mind attracts love forever.
Me and my lover enjoy attracting love.
I attract love while helping people.
I attract love at work.
I attract love at home.
I attract love in business.
I attract love successfully.
I enjoy attracting love.
Every day I attract love easily.
I am full of love.

Master Attracting Love - Theta