Master Approaching Men - Theta

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Do you dream of having a wonderful man in your life?

Are all your friends married or in long-term relationships but you haven't been able to find your dream partner?

In order to find the man of your dreams you can't be shy.

You need to make sure that men find you approachable.

Sometimes your body language tells men that you're not confident or that you feel insecure.

Men love women who are self-confident and happy.

They want a woman who is independent and self-assured.

Deep down you're confident in yourself and what you have to offer as a woman.

You know you have a lot of love to give to the right man.

It's a fine balance between letting men know you're interested in them versus making them feel like you are stalking them.

You'll need to make your presence known and flirt when you're given the opportunity.

When you talk to a man or smile at him, you can tell if he's interested.

Engage him in conversation and listen to him. Comment on what he's said and laugh at his jokes.

There's really no secret to approaching men.

If you train your subconscious mind, it will help you adapt your personality so that you're more approachable.

You'll feel more comfortable making the first move too.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio so that you can feel more comfortable approaching men. Don't wait any longer to find the man of your dreams.

Script Used In This Audio

I like talking to men.
I like smiling at men.
I can easily approach men.
Approaching men comes naturally to me.
I find approaching men easy.
Approaching a man I find attractive is a natural thing for me to do.
I am a strong female and can make my own decisions.
My confidence is higher than ever before.
I am courageous and brave at all times.
I can approach any man I desire.
I can confidently make the first move in a relationship.
I can easily start conversations.
I enjoy approaching men and starting conversations.
Approaching men is a positive experience for me.
Approaching men is interesting and exciting.
There are many positive outcomes from approaching a man.
Men find me confident and attractive when I approach them.
I look forward to chatting with an attractive man.
I am braver than ever before.
Approaching men has never been so easy.

Master Approaching Men - Theta