Lower Blood Pressure - Theta

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Can you feel your blood pressure rising every time there's a problem at work?

What about when you're home and your spouse is nagging you about something that needs to be done or your children are fighting?

Do you have difficulty keeping your emotions in check?

You know it's not good for your health but somehow when you get upset you fly off the handle and you can feel the blood pressure rising up the side of your neck.

You're trying to eat right and eliminate salty foods from your diet.

You may even be on blood pressure medicine that your doctor has prescribed for you.

You know that your blood pressure is out of control and that you're taking a risk with your health but you don't know what to do about it.

That's where this subliminal audio comes in.

By having your subconscious mind work in tandem with your conscious mind you can learn to control your blood pressure much faster.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and start controlling your blood pressure for better health and a better mental outlook.

Script Used In This Audio

I can overcome high blood pressure.
Everyone assists me in overcoming high blood pressure.
I have a low and natural blood pressure.
My blood pressure is low.
I have low blood pressure.
My blood pressure is becoming lower.
I enjoy exercising.
Exercise makes me feel better.
I eat healthy foods naturally.
I stay away from salty food.
I enjoy eating healthy food.
I eat healthy food constantly.
I am a strong person.
I am a strong person in mind and body.
Every day I feel healthier.
I feel well at work.
I feel well at home.
I feel well at all times.
Stress and anxiety stay away from me.
My mind supports me in lowering my blood pressure.

Lower Blood Pressure - Theta