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Do you envy people who always seem happy and are always smiling?

Have you forgotten how to smile?

Perhaps circumstances in your life haven't been happy for quite some time and it feels almost unnatural to laugh or to smile.

Perhaps you grew up in a very stern household where smiling wasn't encouraged or didn't seem natural.

You would like to attract happy, optimistic friends into your life but you know that you're not radiating joy yourself.

It's time to take stock of your life. Have you been doing the things you need to do to boost your happiness and to feel light-hearted?

Smiling comes naturally when you have something to smile about.

Think about the things that make you smile and bring them into your life.

Maybe a pet could help you feel more joy on a daily basis. Maybe going for a walk outdoors or participating in your favorite hobby would give you the energy you need.

Maybe it's time to get together with some close friends and watch that comedy that always brings a smile to your face.

You can transform your world and your daily environment into a more happy, upbeat place.

You can consciously work on smiling more each day. Don't wait for someone else to tell you a joke.

Learn a new joke and practice it on your colleagues at work. Nothing can bring a smile to your own face quicker than knowing you're responsible for making someone else smile.

You can also use the power of your subconscious mind to bring your smile back.

Purchase this Isochronic subliminal audio today and bring your radiant smile back to stay.

Script Used In This Audio

I can learn to smile.
Everyone assists me as I learn to smile.
I meet people who help me learn to smile.
I act to learn to smile.
I learn to smile.
I learn to smile forever.
Every day I learn to smile.
My physical body learns to smile.
My emotions learn to smile.
My mind learns to smile.
My mind learns to smile forever.
I learn to smile when being social.
I learn to smile when helping people.
I learn to smile at work.
I learn to smile at home.
I learn to smile every day.
I learn to smile in all cases.
I enjoy smiling.
Every day I enjoy smiling.
I enjoy smiling forever.

Learn To Smile More - Isochronic