Increase Height - Delta

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Are you envious of people who command the room with their presence?

Sometimes you're tricked into thinking that these people are the tallest people in the room.

People with excellent posture stand up straight with their heads lifted high.

They give off a feeling of height because they stand with confidence.

They're not beaten down by their temporary circumstances.

People who think tall know that the world is theirs for the taking.

Even tall people who have allowed their life experiences to beat them down, walk with their shoulders hunched over and their heads bent down.

These people have allowed their temporary lot in life to make them feel small.

In order to think tall, you need to feel confident about yourself and your goals.

This subliminal audio will give you the confidence to stand tall and not let anyone knock you around.

You'll command the room with your confidence and leadership presence.

Purchase this Delta subliminal audio today and retrain your subconscious to support your increased height.

Script Used In This Audio

I can increase my height.
Every day I send energy to increase my height.
I am always aware of my posture.
I regularly check my posture on a daily basis.
I always try to improve my posture to be correct.
I always walk straight.
I walk with my head held high.
Every day I practice correct posture to increase my height.
I enjoy practicing correct posture and increasing my height.
My shoulders are relaxed.
After I practice relaxing I can feel the tension melting away.
Tension goes away from my neck and shoulders.
My neck is relaxed and strong.
My neck is always straight and relaxed.
My body supports me in correcting my posture and increasing my height.
I constantly make corrections to my posture.
I practice sitting upright with my back straight.
I sit in an upright seating position at all times.
My posture practices are increasing my height.
I am gaining height because of my new correct posture.

Increase Height - Delta