Get Over Your Ex - Delta

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Are you still hung up on your ex and unable to shake him or her?

It takes time to get over a relationship, but now a long time has gone by and you're still thinking about and infatuated with your ex.

The longer you cling to the past, the longer it's going to take you to move on and find the partner you're meant to be with.

More than likely your ex is the one who ended the relationship or maybe he or she was stringing you along while someone else was waiting in the wings.

In order to find true love, your partner and you must want to be in the relationship 100%.

You need someone who values you and cherishes you as much as you value and cherish them.

It takes a bad experience or two to wake up and realize that you deserve more.

Don't keep clinging to someone who wasn't committed to you for the long haul.

Realize that your relationship with your ex taught you a lot about yourself and what you're looking for in a partner.

This knowledge will serve you well in your new relationship.

This subliminal audio will help you close the door on your old relationship or relationships for good and get you prepared for something new.

Don't waste another thought or another minute on your old baggage.

Purchase this Delta subliminal audio today and give yourself a chance for the most wonderful love relationship you've ever experienced.

Script Used In This Audio

I am open to getting over my ex.
It is time to get over my ex.
I am aware of the time I need to get over my ex.
My relationship is over.
I will move on with my life with steady feet.
I will get over my ex.
I stay strong in getting over my ex.
I will grow strong from this experience.
I will resist the temptation to contact my ex.
I have a positive future.
I have a bright and happy future.
I am thinking positively about my future.
I am free.
I am free forever.
I am less anxious about getting over my ex.
I am enjoying my freedom.
There are lots of other people out there for me.
There are lots of people who would be lucky to be with me.
I will find my true partner in the future.
I am excited about meeting new people.

Get Over Your Ex - Delta