Gain Muscle - Binaural

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Do you want to look toned and gain muscle mass?

Perhaps you've been eating the right diet and training with weights but you're still not seeing the physique you hoped to achieve.

The mind and body are connected in mysterious ways.

There may be a mental block you're experiencing that's not allowing you to achieve the toned, muscular look you're seeking.

If you're a man, perhaps you've associated this image with people who just care about the physical and not the mental.

If you're a woman, perhaps you think that gaining too much muscle will make you look less feminine.

Perhaps you've fooled yourself into thinking you're really doing serious weight training when your efforts at the gym are not that great.

No matter what's standing between you and the personal image you're seeking this audio can help you.

Purchase this binaural subliminal audio today and watch the transformation your body makes as it gains more muscle and tone.

Script Used In This Audio

I can develop muscle recovery and growth.
I am aware of my muscle recovery and growth.
I like my muscles.
I am exercising my muscles.
I am building my muscles.
My muscles grow every day.
My muscle mass is constantly increasing.
My body is getting more and more toned.
My muscles are clearly defined.
I take my weight training seriously.
My muscles recover quickly.
My muscle recovery time is at its peak.
I have a fast rate of muscle recovery.
My muscles recover and stop aching quickly.
I always get the most from my exercises.
I always train the way I should.
I am always pushing myself further.
I always aim to beat my personal best.
I always develop muscle recovery and growth.
My thoughts are calm and positive.

Gain Muscle - Binaural