Find Happiness - Theta

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Do you envy people who always seem to be cheerful no matter what their circumstances?

Everyone has misfortunes and difficulties in life.

The key is to find an inner peace and contentment that cannot be shaken no matter what your temporary circumstances are.

Of course, you need to work on aspects of your life that you're not pleased with or that are causing you stress.

Is your job difficult? Are your children causing you problems?

Does your spouse bring you down with his or her bad mood? Are your finances troubling you? Is your health failing?

No matter what your situation is you can change it.

You can't really change other people but the way you react to them can sometimes change their behavior.

Sometimes you can't change what's happening but your attitude toward the situation will determine if it continues or is transformed.

In order to make your life better, you'll need to be able to visualize your life the way you would like it to be.

You'll need to find that quiet, sacred place deep inside that is spiritual and isn't shaken by the ups and downs of life.

If you want your life to be happier, you can intend for that to happen and it will change.

In addition to making all these conscious changes you can also use the help of your powerful subconscious mind.

That's where this audio comes in.

Purchase this audio today and find lasting happiness in your life now and forever.

Script Used In This Audio

I can find happiness.
Everyone assists me in finding happiness.
I meet people who help me to find happiness.
I act to find happiness.
I am finding happiness.
I find happiness.
I find happiness forever.
Every day I find happiness.
My physical body finds happiness.
My emotions find happiness.
My mind finds happiness.
My mind finds happiness forever.
I find happiness in my social life.
I find happiness in helping people.
I find happiness at work.
I find happiness at home.
I find happiness in success.
I find happiness being successful.
I enjoy being happy.
I am happy now and forever.

Find Happiness - Theta