Feel Younger - Theta

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In many ways, youth is a state of mind.

You've seen young people who always look tired and unenergetic.

They don't seem happy in their own skins or in their own lives.

You've also seen people who are older than you who are filled with energy and good spirits.

These people always think that their best years are yet to come.

They don't think back on past years. Instead they live in the present and look forward to the future.

Youthful people love every minute of life.

They seem to be able to forget the issues that ail them and look forward to starring in their own adventures on a daily basis.

Lately you've felt that the years are catching up to you.

You want to feel that youthful drive you had ten years ago.

Maybe life has been difficult for quite some time and you've forgotten how it feels to be carefree with no responsibilities.

It's time to pamper yourself with rest, relaxation, healthy food, and activities you have passion for.

With a shift in attitude, you can start tapping into the spirit of eternal youth that your inner core retains.

Life can knock us around sometimes, but inside we can still experience the same wonder toward the world as we did when we were children.

Do something completely new and different and watch how it wakes you up on the inside.

Sometimes a change of vista can do a world of good.

This subliminal audio can provide that change by helping you reprogram your mind to feel younger.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and watch yourself transform into a younger, happier version of yourself.

Script Used In This Audio

I always feel younger.
I am younger.
I am younger forever.
I meet people who are young.
I act to end aging.
My thoughts are always young.
All admire my youth.
All admire my youthful energy.
I am always energetic.
Youth flows freely around my body.
I am full of passion and enthusiasm for life.
My skin is always bright and shining.
My skin is smooth and soft.
My skin is healthy and energetic.
I eat healthy food.
Every day I feel more vibrant.
I am positive and outgoing.
My heart is young.
I am happy.
I always smile.

Feel Younger - Theta