End Premenstrual Tension - Binaural

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Do you have pain and cramping every time you have your period?

The more times you experience discomfort with your period, the more times you expect to feel it and this pattern becomes a vicious cycle.

When you start feeling discomfort from your period, you hold tension in your body.

It's difficult to relax but you can train yourself to relax and stay calm when you feel the start of your period.

Stress-related events can make your period worse than usual, especially if your relationship has been rocky lately or if you are feeling indecision related to whether you want children or not.

This type of stress impacts your uterus and ovaries and can make menstrual discomfort worse than usual.

It's important to work toward balance when you're feeling erratic.

PMS can bring on those feelings.

Take warm baths and try to get some downtime during this time of the month.

In addition to consciously trying to relax, you can use this subliminal audio to train your subconscious mind to keep you relaxed and calm.

This audio will also reinforce that your body is strong and filled with energy.

Purchase this audio today and you'll notice that your premenstrual tension starts decreasing and may eventually completely disappear.

Script Used In This Audio

I can end premenstrual tension.
I can end premenstrual tension forever.
I am less exposed to premenstrual tension.
My thoughts are balanced and in harmony.
My mind is smooth and relaxed.
I am free from premenstrual tension.
My premenstrual tension is becoming less.
I am always calm and feel great.
I am in control of all my actions.
I think when I speak.
My body supports me in ending premenstrual tension.
I am always aware of other people.
I am always free of tension.
I experience my period positively.
Premenstrual tension is away from me.
I always feel comfortable.
My abdomen is strong and full of energy.
I am away from premenstrual tension.
I am happy at all times.
I am free of pressure.

End Premenstrual Tension - Binaural