End Foul Language - Theta

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Have you gotten into the bad habit of cursing and using foul language every time you're upset?

Maybe it's even come out at work in front of customers or colleagues or at home in front of small children.

Using foul language is just a bad habit.

There are lots of other, much more constructive, ways of letting off steam.

Using foul language is the lazy way to let it all out.

It would be much better to go to the gym and run yourself through a difficult workout.

There are other positive ways to channel your anger as well.

What's making you angry? Do you have a boss who drives you crazy?

Channel your anger into a second business and use it to extricate yourself from your current job.

Is the daily traffic pattern making your blood pressure go up?

Find a new job or create your own so you don't have to battle that daily.

In other words, figure out what's causing you to lose your temper and channel your anger into figuring out a way to eliminate or change that situation.

While you're doing these things on a conscious level, you can give yourself support by training your subconscious mind not to participate in foul language anymore.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio and use it to eliminate cursing and foul language from your life.

You'll feel better when you can control what comes out of your mouth.

Script Used In This Audio

I can end foul language.
Everyone assists me in ending foul language.
I'm sociable to end foul language.
People help me to end my use of foul language.
I end foul language.
I end foul language forever.
Every day I end foul language.
My speech is away from foul language.
My mind ends foul language.
My mind ends foul language forever.
I end foul language at work.
I end foul language at home.
I end foul language in business.
I end foul language at all times.
I end foul language easily.
I end foul language happily.
I am free of foul language.
I control what comes out of my mouth.
I don't need foul language to express myself.
I don't need foul language to express myself at any time.

End Foul Language - Theta