Eliminate Stress - Theta

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Modern life is filled with stress.

You can't eliminate the irritants and problems that come into your life, but what you can do is handle these stresses differently.

You can't control the actions of other people but you can control yourself.

By gaining control over your own emotions, you can stay calm amidst the craziness that's everyday life.

This inner calm will come from your mind and from your spirit.

Within the hurricane, your demeanor and your personality will be like the calm of the storm's eye.

Everything will be swirling around you but you will react from a quiet center of peace.

As you know, stress can be very harmful to your mental and physical well-being.

Having the ability to get to a peaceful mental state, no matter what's happening on any given day will keep your body calm and your blood pressure stable.

It's not really stress that kills us.

It's our reaction to the stress that causes most of the problem.

If every time you get stressed, you talk about it with your friends, colleagues, or your spouse and get even more emotionally overwrought, it's not going to do any good or help you to overcome the situation in any way.

A calm, Zen-like approach to stressful situations will help you think clearly and move through agonizing situations with confidence.

Purchase this Theta subliminal audio today and find ways to combat your daily stress and become more calm and happy.

Script Used In This Audio

I can eliminate stress.
I can handle stress.
I am away from stress.
I am always happy.
I always smile.
I feel less pressure.
I can handle any situation daily.
I am calm.
I am always in control at all times.
I enjoy pressure.
I work best under pressure.
I am in control of my emotions.
My mind is calm.
My mind is relaxed.
I am always relaxed.
I always make time for relaxation.
I enjoy my life to the fullest.
I take things as easy as possible.
I talk gently.
My thoughts are coherent.

Eliminate Stress - Theta