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It's no secret that the mind dictates the direction of your life. Your life is essentially an World of Subliminaloutward representation of what is going on within your mind. The challenge for most people is communicating the message that their mind needs to hear in order to create the positive lasting changes needed to achieve the ideal life.

Specifically, the subconscious mind can literally enable you to achieve any goal you desire and attract the life that you truly want and deserve. It also has the power to hold you back, cause you to fail and restrict your happiness and success.
One of the best ways to define your subconscious mind is to think about it like your mental backpack.

Let's say that you were a treasure hunter that lived in a land that was overflowing with cherished valuables. As soon as you find your first big treasure, you study and examine it closely in order to get acquainted with your new discovery. Do you stop there?  Of course not!  Your objective is going to be to find as many treasures as possible throughout your journey – regardless of their shape, size or type.

Throughout your life, you have been able to collect a wide variety of mental "treasures" of all different shapes, sizes and types. Those valuable items may include such things as past experiences, memories, talents, abilities and so on. You more than likely have been able to hold most of the treasures that you have found recently within the "hands" of your conscious mind. However, the available space that you have within your conscious mind is just like the space that you have within your physical hands – limited.

Just as you would not throw away actual treasures, you cannot just throw away your mental ones either. That is when your subconscious mind, or your mental backpack, comes into play. It allows you to have a place to store all of your discoveries as you continue to find new ones each day. Even when you may have forgotten that you even found, they will always be stored within your mental backpack – ready and waiting to return to your hands whenever necessary.

Contrary to popular opinion, the subconscious mind can be controlled. Even though it is much more powerful than the conscious mind, it can still be trained and basically manipulated to remain under your control. Many psychoanalysts and psychotherapists of old would have scoffed at that statement, arguing that there was no way that this could be accomplished. However, modern-day studies have been able to prove the exact opposite.

It has been discovered that even though the subconscious mind is not coincidental, it is systematic. It plays by a specific set of rules and does not work outside of those boundaries on its own. However, you can penetrate those boundaries and learn how to bend those rules in your favor. The first step, though, is to take the time to learn them.

Your subconscious mind has no track of time whatsoever. As long as you are not consciously looking at the clock every five seconds, time is going to fly by because your subconscious mind will completely eclipse your conscious awareness.

The world of hypnosis is based on this specific rule. Suggestions are being sent directly to the subconscious mind and are easily accepted as long as the conscious mind is not there to block it.

What is a Subliminal Message?

The word "subliminal" is derived from two basic Latin words that can be translated as "under threshold."  Therefore, the literal meaning of a subliminal message is one that connects directly to the subconscious "under the threshold" of a person's conscious awareness. Through subliminal programming, pre-arranged ideas and thoughts are placed within the subconscious mind.

This process can also be used to reinforce information that is already stored within the subconscious and enhance an individual's selective attention.

How Subliminal Messages Change Everything

Regardless of where you come from or where you are at in your life right now, these minor details are not the significant factors that will determine whether or not you will be happy and successful or a frustrated failure in the future. The thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes that are buried deep within your mind as well as your conscious thoughts all played important roles in where you are today.

Your own thoughts are either the stepping stones that will take you down the road to success or the roadblocks that prevent you from taking that route.

Learning how to effectively use subliminal messages will allow us to gain direct access to our subconscious minds in order to flush out all of the negative programming that has become embedded within it over the years. This negative programming includes such things as the doubts, fears and uncertainties that may have been plaguing our lives for many years, preventing us from being able to reach our full potential.

Why Do Subliminal Messages Work?

Studies have proven over the years that subliminal programming can affect your behavior in three key ways:

Activate healthy thoughts and wishes that are buried within your subconscious.

Impart new information that is useful and beneficial within the subconscious.

Increase one's selective attention within the subconscious while enhancing overall awareness

You have to want to make those changes – your subconscious cannot do all of the work for you. Keep in mind that subliminal messages are specifically designed to reinforce and trigger motives, values and drives that are already there within you – allowing them to finally influence your conscious behavior through the process of positive reinforcement. However, you have to be able to meet it halfway and wholeheartedly want to make these changes.

What Makes Our Subliminal Messages Different?

Aside from the world class  quality we achieve during  the production of our recordings through the use of state of the art equipment, we also utilize a process which we developed called the Progressive Message Layering Technique or PMLT.

The traditional affirmation process is virtually the same in all subliminal audio messages. Various affirmations related to the subject matter are recorded and layered over another recording at a level that is not detected by the conscious mind.
While this approach is effective, it is our experience and belief that when the affirmations are sequentially organized in a gradual manner, the subconscious is more receptive to them.