Our Isochronic series includes the same silent affirmations and Progressive Message Layering Technique as our standard recordings but they are layered over regular beats of a single tone used as another form of brainwave entrainment. These recordings include one 60 minute track.


Isochronic Subliminals

Attract Men - Isochronic
Have you always wanted to be attractive to men? Have you seen the man you're interested in walk...
Attract Your Soul Mate - Isochronic
Have you been looking for your soul mate for a long time but haven't been able to find...
Become A Master Conversationalist - Isochronic
Do you admire people who have a quick wit and always know the entertaining thing to say? In...
Become A Master Pickup Artist - Isochronic
You see that beautiful woman at the bar and you want her to go home with you. While...