Our Delta series includes the same silent affirmations and Progressive Message Layering Technique as our standard recordings but they are layered at frequencies designed to induce the the delta state of trance. This is the deepest state of trance one can achieve and typically only occurs during deep sleep and meditation. These recordings include one 60 minute track.

Delta Subliminals

Attract Men - Delta
Have you always wanted to be attractive to men? Have you seen the man you're interested in walk...
Attract Your Soul Mate - Delta
Have you been looking for your soul mate for a long time but haven't been able to find...
Become A Master Conversationalist - Delta
Do you admire people who have a quick wit and always know the entertaining thing to say? In...
Become A Master Pickup Artist - Delta
You see that beautiful woman at the bar and you want her to go home with you. While...