Our Alpha series includes the same silent affirmations and Progressive Message Layering Technique as our standard recordings but they are layered at frequencies designed to induce the the Alpha state of consciousness. The Alpha brainwaves are ideal for connecting to the subconscious mind, day dreaming, visualization & meditation. Each Alpha recording includes one 60 minute track.


Alpha Subliminals

Master Attracting Money - Alpha
Do you want to attract money like a magnet? Do you want to attract business opportunities and people...
Develop A Photographic Memory - Alpha
Every day we're asked to process more information than we ever have before. The speed of information is...
Develop A Millionaire Mind - Alpha
To attract money into your life, you need to think differently than you have in the past. Bringing...
Overcome Jealousy - Alpha
Do you get upset every time someone talks to your spouse? Do you lose it every time someone...
Master Winning The Lottery - Alpha
Do you frequently dream about winning the lottery? Do you think about what you would do if you...