What is Visualization?

You can use the power of your mind to visualize the experiences and material things you want to manifest. Artists and athletes use visualization techniques to enhance their practice. They use their minds to recreate the sounds, emotions, images, and environments of their perfect recital or perfect hole-in-one.
By recreating these successful scenes in their minds, they combine the power of their subconscious minds with their physical practice and discipline to succeed in their passions.

You can do the same by following these steps:

Relax: Take deep breaths, gradually let go of all the tension in your body from your toes to the top of your head. Pay particular attention to your neck, shoulders, eyelids or any place in your body that's harboring built-up tension.

Start thinking about your success in a particular environment: If you're a surfer you would feel the temperature of the sun and the beach. You'd feel the wet suit on your body and your surfboard under your arm. You'd feel the sand under your feet. You'd see the huge waves crashing in and think about how you'll feel when you're shooting the curl.

Third person view: Zoom out and look at yourself surfing the waves as if you were a spectator on the beach. Then zoom in closer and closer until you're finally on the surfboard yourself.

First person view: Make your vision as sensory as possible. Smell the air and the water. Feel the force of the waves. Feel the wind in your hair. Hear the crash of the waves on the beach. Hear the call of the seagulls.

Wrapping it up: Allow yourself to come back from your vision slowly. You're not on the beach anymore. You're sitting in your chair at home but it's just as if you rode the waves in reality.

Creating a Vision Board

One of the most powerful and fun ways to influence your subconscious mind is to create a vision board. If you're an artist you can draw pictures of what you want to do, be, and have on the board. If you don't have drawing talent, you can cut pictures out of magazines that describe the vision you see for yourself over the next few years.

Before you begin the process of creating a vision board, sit quietly for about 15 minutes and think about what the intention of your vision will be. You might see some of the pictures in your head before you begin to create or look for images. Listening to music as you create your vision board can also enhance the experience. You might want to group images on the board based on different categories, such as health, job, relationships, prosperity, or spiritual path.

You can create a vision board for different reasons. One type of board can be used to create a vision of the specific experiences and material things you're completely clear about. These images will display the transformation that you want to manifest. Another board can help you open up or discover your desires in a specific area such as career path or relationships. A third could be a visual of a new cycle or transitional period in your life. Images are powerful influencers and when you gaze at your board every day it will remind you of the life you're actively creating with your subconscious mind.

  • Oct 21, 2019
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