New Method Codes Radical Audio Directives Directly Into The Subconscious Using PMLT

Press Release:

After 4 Decades of No New Discoveries...Science Reveals New Method to Code Subconscious Using New Break through Technology


Since the Late 1970's advancement in subliminal technology has remained stagnant until recently. A team of neuroscientists expanded on the efforts of the late Dr Igor Smirnov, a Russian scientist who invented the first Psychotronic weapon,  and perfected the science of super subconscious implant technology.  Much of this research remained hush-hush during clinical phases, for the obvious implications, until now. 

After abandoning their research for a lack of funding, Mindy Holden from the Center of Advanced Neuroscience's Applications patented their work, and released it to the public for the advancement of human kind.  According to Holden; " The state of societies  consciousness needs reprogramming if we're ever going live at peace as a community and solve the cosmic riddles of human kind without destroying ourselves or each other". 

This advancement comes at a time when technology seems to be destroying mankind's ability to think critically, focus, and live in harmony with one another.  Cellphones, internet, computers, smart watches, and invisible signals seem to be disrupting peoples cerebral integrity and as a result their decision making processes. 

Today we see all kinds of inexplicable violence that was unheard of just 20 years before.  According to Holden, technology and the media, both social and the networks have desensitized people with the constant onslaught of violent images, intolerance, and the complete disregard for human brother and sisterhood.  "Its like we are at war with everyone" says Holden.  

The new Progressive Message Layering Technology with it's patented Radical Audio Directives can cut through the noise and penetrate deep into the subconscious where real results can be harnessed.   Technology from the 1970's will have little affect in reaching the subconscious mind because of today's onslaught of images from different media sources and the internet. 

We hope that people realize that they need to wash away or "Clean The Filter" from overload of communication leftover by computer devices, cell phones and the dangerous signals associated with them.  We hope the new PMLT will give people a chance to wipe the slate clean and make room for healthy programming before it's too late

  • Nov 01, 2017
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