3 REAL Motivation Secrets That Can Change Your Life BIG TIME

Here’s the deal with motivation, it’s simple, but not easy.  Based on my own personal experience there is something that you need to know.  Here’s it is in a nutshell. What works today, what gets your juices flowing, makes you jump out of bed, and keeps you out working late today,  won’t work tomorrow.  (I found that out the hard way).

 We Are Always Changing

As we evolve as a human beings on our journey through life, our objectives change, our personality changes, hence our core values change. What seemed like a worthwhile objective at some point in your life, actually became counter productive in other stages of life. It’s important to know who you are and what you represent in each and every stage of life.

Personally, I have found that most people’s core values and true objectives change every 3-5 years.  That isn't to say that yours can’t change sooner, but the 3-5 year mark is a good starting point to have a moment of self introspection to make sure your plans mimic your core values, and ultimately.that you want in life.  


Keep Reassessing What You Really Want

Constantly assessing and reassessing your life to see if they match with your core values and if they are align with your true desires is absolutely necessary if you plan on living an inspired life . Inspiration isn't a one-time experience.  For some, they've been blessed to find their true mission and purpose in life early on. 

For example, people in the Arts generally find their place in life while they are very young.  But for most of us, if we are lucky we bounce around a while before we find what truly is our life's calling. 

There are others, that don't get to experience there divine purpose in this lifetime.  That's why it's really important to take some quiet time and revisit your dreams and passions




I am going to share my 3 REAL MOTIVATION SECRETS that will jump start your life and help you get out of the RUT and on to the road of inspiration. 


  1. Start with a list.  I want to you to write your one month goals.  Once you’ve finished them I want you to break them down on a weekly basis.  To clarify, take a piece of paper and think about what things you would like to accomplish in one month.  Put everything on their from getting your car washed to laundry, cleaning, car washing etc.  It doesn’t matter how important these things are, or we are try to do at this point is establish a habit.  Make sure you put everything you need to accomplish this month on the list.  
  2. Now, take your monthly list and break it down weekly.  Start with several of the most important things you need to accomplish.  As you accomplish the weekly list, you cross things off, and go back to your list and cross the things that you completed on the monthly list.  Remember the monthly list is broken down to a weekly to do list.  As you accomplish each item on your weekly list it should be crossed of and it should correspond to your monthly list as well.  For example if you put a goal on your monthly list, but it would take 5-6 necessary actions to accomplish until completed, you would add those actions to your weekly list over the course of the month and complete them...Then only then would you cross out the goal pertaining to those accomplished weekly goals.  Basically you're taking the monthly goal and breaking it down into small objectives that you can handle each week until the monthly goal is accomplished. (You will be amazed like I was how much this helps)
  3. Lastly, You need to put these lists by your bed and review them each night and every morning.  By reviewing your lists frequently, you automatically implant the commands in your mind to commit yourself to following through on the list completion. While you review your lists consider how you can add other items that move you closer to your objectives.  After doing this for several weeks you will automatically work on your list in your mind, which will command your body to fulfill those obligations.  As the weeks and months pass you will start to see results in action. 

Planning and re-planning your days, weeks, months, and years will help you home in on what it is your truly want.  This practice will help hold yourself accountable to getting better results in life.  Most importantly it will keep you from wasting precious time that we all can't afford to lose. 

  • Nov 19, 2017
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